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What We Do

Here at SE Photos, we promise to always provide a straight froward, affordable and high quality service all around from a first consultation to the end result. We cover a range of photography services from photographing artwork to slightly more macabre personalized photo shoots as well as selling our unique fine art photographic prints. So why not take a look through our website and feel free to contact us if anything catches your eye.



About the Artist



Sarah Peart is a graduate of NULC, leaving with a triple Distinction in an Extended Diploma in photography, in 2016. She has been involved in many successful team projects with other fellow artists from all mediums, from film makers to poets. Sarah has always had a soft spot for the darker side of life and finds it quite beautiful and exciting to explore as she is always expanding her craft and takes pride in learning and working with others to create great things. In addition to this, Sarah has become quite well known among local artist as a go to for photographing their artwork, for archive or commercial reasons as she always provides her customers with great quality and accurate images. To see more of what Sarah gets up to then head over to the Projects page and if you’re interested in collaborating with Sarah through an art project then go to the contact page by clicking here.


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